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Can't duel or play a match in Acentra MC (AS Proxy)

Jalaj Parihar

New member
My IGN: Jalaj69
Practice bug(AS proxy),
Date:4thOctober 2021, Time:10:51 AM IST
In this bug we can't matchmake both ranked and unranked in the practice Of Acentra Mc.It shows that the match is started but we can't really play the match.I tried to join FFA ,Dueled my friend and also tried Party fights but nothing is working.In the below screenshot you can see that the match is started but I am in the lobby only and can't actually play the match.So please help us so that we can play in the practice.


  • SalwyrrLauncher 04-10-2021 10.47.45.png
    SalwyrrLauncher 04-10-2021 10.47.45.png
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hey Jalaj69, I believe all the issues are fixed ever since the new update yesterday. You can try dueling and queuing now and see how it goes. Let me know if theres anything wrong