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  1. Areeb

    is the server cracked

    Read this: https://support.acentramc.com/topic/58-when-i-join-i-get-an-invalid-session-try-restarting-message
  2. Areeb

    Introducing Honor (Vote Rewards)

    Hello everyone, Today we're bringing you a new reward currency, Honor. Currently, the following servers are part of the Honor system: ☆ Practice (EU/AS) ☆ Ranked Bedwars ☆ Annihilation (XL, Anni-1, Anni-2) ☆ Lobby (1-3) You can access the Honor menu by typing /honor on any of these servers...
  3. Areeb

    Practice Season 2

    Practice Season 2 is here DATE & TIME: Saturday, 2nd of October @ 11 AM GMT (Both EU & AS Practice will open) After a long time, and a lot of work, we have finally decided to announce our Practice Release! We've worked hard on patching all of the bugs and creating a flawless experience for our...
  4. Areeb

    Prison Season 2 Release

    After the successful season I , we are finally ready to announce Prison Season II with many new features and changes. > 4th September at 1PM GMT Features: Custom coded core Further Optimization and Bug Fixes. 4 brand new enchants with 16 Total Enchants New Cell System with /cell top and...
  5. Areeb

    Reporting Skydust

    Hello, The player has been dealt with. Please be rest assured that these reports aren't taken lightly and will do everything to ensure that the reports are dealt in the correct manner. Thanks for you report.
  6. Areeb

    Welcome to the AcentraMC Official Forums!

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  8. Areeb

    AcentraMC Global Announcement | Public Roadmap [August - September]

    Dear Community, After a long time we've decided to announce publicly what awaits ahead and things we have been working on for a while. A lot of effort has been put into this project and in the following 2 months we hope we will accomplish everything we set ourselves up to. Today is the day...
  9. Areeb


    Hello all, We have taken sometime to go over the base code and make small bug fixes and adjustments. Thanks to all the beta testers who helped us with improving the game. Annihilation will release to the public TOMORROW AT 1PM GMT Trailer: Once again, ranks are now global. This means the...
  10. Areeb

    Bedwars Unranked Release

    BEDWARS UNRANKED Acentra is proud to announce the release of the Unranked Bedwars lobby coming this week! Ever since the release of Ranked, the demand for an unranked lobby has been high and we’re finally announcing that the release will happen this Sunday at 9AM GMT. HOW TO PLAY? To join the...
  11. Areeb

    Annihilation Lobby + Anni-4

    Today we're announcing the release of the Annihilation Lobby and Anni-4 Annihilation The anni-lobby is an area where you connect to before joining a game. You can go here to buy kits, open crates and wait around before a game starts. You can access the lobby through the navigator or by typing...
  12. Areeb

    Survival | Season I Release

    🧱 SURVIVAL SEASON 1 🧱 We're proud to announce the release of the Survival server. Information: If you’re a fan of Survival with a twist and grind factor, this is a game-mode for you. We've combined the popular Minecraft vanilla experience and enhanced it by adding custom mechanics. I believe...
  13. Areeb

    Lobby Update [New Cosmetics, Ranks & More]

    Hello all, Today we’re excited to share with you our newest Lobby update. We hope that this somewhat makes the Hub look more professional, easier to use & fun. In this update, we wanted to add more interactivity: NPC Selectors Redesigned Menu & Server selector Redesigned Tab & Scoreboard...
  14. Areeb


    big up vrex facts
  15. Areeb

    I Forgot ma password in acentra pog!

    We cannot reset your password here. Please join the Discord server and make a ticket: https://discord.gg/UNsNPBvnXy
  16. Areeb

    Forum Rules

    By choosing to use the AcentraMC Website & Forums, you agree that you've read and agreed to the terms below. If a user is breaking a forum rule, you can report them by clicking 'Report' on their user account. In addition, you can report forum posts, threads and replies directly. Profiles You...
  17. Areeb

    Reporting a player

    If you find a rule breaker on the AcentraMC Network, use the format below to report them. --------------------------------------------------------------- Your Minecraft Username: Player Username: (The account you're reporting) What gamemode did this happen on? What are you reporting them for...
  18. Areeb