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    Acentra News | Week #2

    I feel called out
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    TheBridge blocks placements.

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    Annihilation 2.0 Release

    DATE & TIME: Saturday, 6th of November @ 1 PM GMT After a somewhat successful Annihilation 1.0 we've decided to take things to the next Level with our Annihilation 2.0. We've heavily worked on a product that will possibly seal the deal and make our Quality unmatched. New Changes: »...
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    Why kit frenzy is keeping anni alive

    I agree, I plan on keeping kit frenzy for another 7 days, and soon after adding a option for players to purchase temporary kits for a small amount of XP. Also regarding the playerbase, I'm aware that a lot of people are happy with how anni is going so far playerbase wise, but to me this is only...
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    superhuman built different freak of nature machine intellectual gift from god legend alpha iq 500 beast
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    Prison | Season I

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    Skyblock Apocalypse | Season V Release

    Skyblock Apocalypse Season V Release Date & Time: 24th April @ 5:00 PM GMT Trailer: Size: 10 Man Islands Duration: 2 Week Map After a long time we've finally decided to bring back our famous Skyblock Apocalypse (Season V). We've been working on this project for a while and finally believe we...
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    Understandable, have a nice day.

    Understandable, have a nice day.
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    Skyblock Caribbean | Season I Launch

    SKYBLOCK CARIBBEAN | SEASON I LAUNCH DATE & TIME: 27.3.2021. 6:00 PM GMT (Countdown https://cutt.ly/4xTATCg) FEATURES: Multiple Dungeons Custom Ambient Sounds H2O & Temperature System Custom Textures Mystery Chests RPG Missions Island Missions Exploration & PvP Zones Combat Pets Custom...
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    just to suffer

    just to suffer
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    Welcome to the AcentraMC Official Forums!

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    Welcome to the AcentraMC Official Forums!

    AcentraMC Forums 1.0 Release I'm happy to announce that we're finally releasing our first version of the forums. We will Announce every important Announcements & News on the Forums from now on! Make sure to register and contribute to the Community Discussions! Staff Applications & More...